You crave sweet foods
You eat them despite adverse consequences
You binge eat or restrict
You have tried to kick sugar many times
You think you might be addicted
Good news! I can help.

Quitting Sugar Saved My Life

I hope it will save yours too!

I  am a 100% recovered sugar addict with decades of research, experience, formal coaching certification and a Masters to add to my credentials. My expertise is in helping sugar addicts kick sugar using the fastest easiest technique ever! I call it the Sugar Freedom Formula and it takes the struggle out of getting sugar free and staying sugar free. My approach is skill based NOT will power based which means anyone can learn it and use it. You are going to love it.

Quitting Sugar Saved My Life

I did not invent the technique I teach in this course. It draws on the work of the man who taught it to me, Jack Trimpey of Rational Recovery. This approach to addiction freedom has been used by hundreds of thousands of drug addicts and alcoholics and it works like a charm for sugar addicts too. It set me free. It can set you free too.

Program Modules

  • Modules 1-3:
    The Freedom Formula

  • Bonus Modules 4 & 5:
    Your Meal Plan

  • Bonus Modules 6 & 7:
    Advanced Self Care

What People Are Saying

“Lives Up to The Hype!”
Florence, I have bought many a package that promised to "change my life"... make me rich, make me thinner, make me more self-confident, help me dress better... none of them has ever lived up to the hype. Well, this was one purchase that actually lived up to the promise, and it did change my life. From the moment I was introduced to my Gremlin, and you explained how to corner him and control him, everything fell into place for me. I realized I didn't have to be a slave to food any more. At first I thought I would feel deprived, that I'd be white-knuckling all the way, and that I'd finally succumb... I expected I would fail again. But I was wrong. Not this time. Since your course I've been able to look at platters of all my favorite junk foods and say, "Nope! I don't eat that stuff anymore". I've also lost 20 pounds since we spoke. Thank you, Florence, for the life mission you've chosen. It truly does work.”

Sue G. - Participant in  Sugar Freedom Group Coaching ProgramSue G. - Participant in Sugar Freedom Group Coaching Program

“Sugar Free For Life...”
Florence Christophers— my life changer, my sugar coach, my friend for life. If you know that you know that you know that sugar is your nemesis and that you are addicted to this white crystal stuff, then I can’t say enough wonderful things about Florence and about her program. She has keen insights that will blow your mind! And the first group coaching call I was on was my breakthrough moment. That’s all it took. I am now SFFL because of Florence—Sugar Free For Life! Her voice will soothe you as she so gently points out your errors of thinking patterns around sugar. She will guide and direct you to true freedom—which is so much different than abstinence. Her method is quick, simple, and oh so effective. I’ll be forever grateful to this wonderful wise soul. XOXO Aimee Anderson (from professional baker to sugar coach in one year.)”

Aimee Anderson - Now Head Coach with 30 Days Sugar FreeAimee Anderson - Now Head Coach with 30 Days Sugar Free


  • What Benefits Do Participants See?

    Imagine: Eliminating sugar / carb cravings Relieving food obsession Being completely in control around food Creating & following a whole food meal plan Eating sugar-free without feeling deprived Skyrocketing energy and motivation Losing weight Improving your skin tone & complexion Having more positive moods Sleeping better Improving focus and mental clarity Decreasing depression, anxiety and irritability Eliminating better (TMI, I know!) These are the benefits my clients report. I can hardly wait to see what it does for you.

  • Can Anyone take this Course?

    As long as you sincerely believe you might be addicted to sugar and and want to quit I can help you.

  • Can I Contact You if I Have Questions?

    Absolutely. Email me at: or call me at 403-995-0391. Or you are welcome to claim a free 30 minute consultation. There is a link on this page to claim access my on line calendar.

  • How Often Do You Offer this Course?

    I offer live group (the Silver package) twice a year. The DIY (Do it yourself) option is available anytime. You can start when you are ready and self pace your way through the course.